Every term we offer two fully-paid scholarships to children who care about creativity.


How do I apply?


The application process is deliberately simple and fast. It shouldn't take long – and what you or your child sends doesn't need to be perfect.


This isn't about being the most talented, or most creative - it's about wanting to have a go at The Playhouse for whatever reasons matter to you or your child.


The details:

You can work with your child to send us a confidential email (or text message) explaining why they think they should win next term's scholarship. Our contact details are further below.


Get as creative as you want!

Your child can submit this application however they like - by text, email, voicemail, or whatever they wish. All we want to know is why your child wants this scholarship.


They can share this in words, as a video recorded on your phone, as a drawing, or even as an audio file - whatever medium your child is most comfortable working in.


Please make sure you approve what they send, simply to protect their confidentiality.  


Financial difficulty?

If you are experiencing any financial difficulty yourself (and don't we all from time to time?) please feel free to apply confidentially on behalf of your child, and we do not need to make this known to your child if you prefer, if you are chosen as the recipient.


Timeframe for selection

We will always keep the winners' names strictly confidential, and we will notify you or your child of the outcome in the first week of term. Classes start in the second week of every term.


To apply, send the application to: or text your application to Daley at 0476 257 389