About us

We have a love for drama; given its power to unlock so much goodness from within. From puppetry to mime, improvisation to music, and storytelling to visualisation skills – we love keeping our classes light and fun, but also supportive and accessible.

There is a quote we really like by Friedrich Froebel, which says: "Play is the highest expression of human development, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul." 

This is why it is important to us to nurture inclusivity, respect and fun in every single class. It matters to us that our students care for one another, and that everyone feels valued for their unique contribution.

What the playhouse isn't about....


We are not about awards, merit certificates or ribbons. We are not about ranking children in order of skill or grade, or achievement. We are not about providing a pathway of measurable progression for children, with levels and stages and accompanying accolades. We are not even about working towards a showstopping end-of-term performance, with costumes and all the bells and whistles.


This is all great, but it's not what we are about. 


Why? Because what we do cannot be measured. It is seen in the smile of a shy student, the raised hand of a child who previously may have hid in the background, the social connections that are sparked, the deep friendships that form, or in the moving performance of a child who loves  drama.


These benefits carry on far beyond our creative classroom – into conversations at the dinner table where eye contact and curiosity may pop up unexpectedly, or into the school yard where inclusivity and kindness are demonstrated – but most of all, into the hearts of the children we teach.


Each week we remind our students – inside the four walls of our very modest classroom –  that they are awesome and unique, with so much to give to the world around them, and to each other.


This is what we do – and it is the students who drive this magic.


We are proud that this is beyond measure.