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What is The Playhouse?


We believe in using creativity through play to employ a range of drama-based techniques that unlock trust, self-awareness and increased confidence. We are passionate about creating a safe, inclusive and fun space where every single member of the class is recognised for their unique contribution. 

It goes deeper than this for us though. We started The Playhouse to provide a home for awesome kids who may sometimes feel like a bit of a square peg. 


Perhaps they are not into sports, or they are quirky and creative, or they relate differently to the world around them. We seem to attract inspiring and creative children who may not have yet found their 'thing' – until The Playhouse came along.

Read more about what makes our students (and us) tick here – in this article by Parents Guide Illawarra.

Or meet us via our YouTube channel here (created during COVID-19 to keep our students entertained during those schooling from home days!)

We are Daley and Siobhan Chaston
– husband and  wife, and parents
of two boys. We met at drama
school in London, and we have
shared a love for drama ever since.
Over the years we've appeared in
various  U.K. touring productions, BBC
sitcoms, London fringe shows, large-scale
musicals, and award-winning children's theatre productions.
We eventually headed down more corporate career paths after moving back to Australia; with Daley working as a trainer and facilitator for school-based social impact education programs, and Siobhan as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald, and later setting up her copywriting business Thread Publishing.
Throughout it all, our passion for drama has remained – and after a sea change to the south coast of NSW, we set up The Playhouse.
At The Playhouse we use drama as a tool to celebrate everyone's individuality and to nurture our local sense of community. As parents ourselves, we know first-hand how important it is for kids and young adults to have the space to play and explore their own creativity; however that looks to them. 

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"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."

George Bernard Shaw